Space Facilitators

Sumi Thomas

aikyam fellow '23 Sumi loves talking to changemakers and figuring out the resources they need, and the ways they can use aikyam space to build change.

Jinso Raj

aikyam fellow '23 Troubleshooter extraordinaire at aikyam space, Jinso’s special skill is in swiftly resolving any challenge with great attention to detail.

Megha Jibhakate

aikyam fellow '23 Meet Megha, the storyteller and community builder, who documents events and narratives, while fostering connections online.

Lissy Joy

Cook You will rarely see Lissy going about her work with a frown. Like her name, joy is one of the secret ingredients in her cooking.

Subina Shamsudeen

Housekeeping Subina does the housekeeping with meticulous care. But one thing is not just another task for her: she hums a song every time she waters the plants in the balcony.

Deepali Kulkarni

Co-founder A guiding force at aikyam space, Deepali passionately mentors the team, steering us towards projects aligned with our values and fostering growth.

Shemeer Babu

Co-founder Shemeer is deeply involved in building community and fostering a deeply nurturing environment at aikyam space for changemakers.

  • Anyone actively working on ideas/projects with a nonprofit model for social good
  • Early stage founders of NGOs
  • Cooperatives and movements
  • Small grassroots NGOs with annual budget less than ₹20 lakh
  • Volunteers who want to give their time to changemaker projects