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Singing their way to a culture of community

On 22nd and 23rd June, a group of vibrant Bauls from Shantiniketan, West Bengal will come together in Kochi to sing songs of love, passion, mysticism and freedom.

Singing their way to a culture of community

A Baul song is a true experience of serendipity. It rises steadily, yet takes one by surprise. It is poetry to the heart and a sweet surrender of the soul to itself. It is a mellow miracle in melody. It surrounds us like deep sea waves, offering us the wealth of human spirit. It serenades the soul, lifting the mind and body in unison of inner vision, passion and joy. Baul songs bless us with aspirations of a good life, of friendship and love, of peace and equality. They rise in praise of the universe, of the human divine, and stride on with pride and penance.

The Bauls of West Bengal and Bangladesh are a community of singers who emerged to prominence in the early eighteenth century. Historically, they combined many influences including that of heterodox religious orders such as the Buddhist Sahajiya, Nath, Vaishnava Sahajiya, and Sufi mystics. Through enigmatic songs of subversion, the Bauls protested against religious disharmony, oppressive upper caste hegemony and agrarian inequality, gendered oppression, as well as colonial domination, and tried to imagine a social order based on universal love and egalitarian humanism.

Sumanta Das Baul and friends

Sumanta Das Baul and his team are experienced and versatile singers of this folk tradition, who are invested in spiritual practice and performance for the last decade.

Join us for an exclusive evening with Sumanta Das Baul & Team on June 22 at 6.30pm at aikyam space. This is an invite-only event, due to limited availability of seats. Please contact 70122 03303 to request an invitation.