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Some of the commonly asked questions are mentioned here, feel free to reach out to us as hello@aikyam.fellow for any more queries.

Who are changemakers?

Changemakers are highly motivated individuals eager to make a positive impact in society. All kinds of changemakers and volunteers are welcome at aikyam space. We work deeply with early stage changemakers.

How does aikyam space ensure a psychologically safe environment for all changemakers?

aikyam space is not just our physical office space in Kochi but also includes our team, our mentors and everyone. Our work and interactions are guided by our values, which are based on the Constitutional principles of equality, inclusivity and respect for all.

What types of changemakers typically use aikyam space, and what projects do they work on?

Our changemakers work in a lot of different sectors, from climate change, education and health to livelihoods, agriculture and rights. Therefore, the projects they work on also vary greatly in terms of type and scale.

How does aikyam space foster collaboration and networking among changemakers?

We host meetings between changemakers, both in person and online. The space is often used for changemakers to connect with one another, and changemakers frequently develop both personal and professional relationships. Our website highlights changemakers who have worked with aikyam space in the past, furthering potential collaboration. 

Are there any membership or usage fees associated with accessing aikyam space's resources?

There are no fees for the use of any of the facilities at aikyam space.

What support services or programs does aikyam space offer to help changemakers with their specific challenges?

At aikyam space, we offer a multitude of services and amenities. Changemakers can always connect to the services offered by aikyam fellows, related to discoverability, visibility, fundraising, and technical support. We also have hold meetups and workshops at our space in Kochi, besides mentoring and support for the early stage changemakers that we are working deeply with.
There are also a number of amenities available to changemakers at our space in Kochi, which include stay, working space, a library and more. You can read more about these here.

How do I contact the team at aikyam space?

You may get in touch with us through our Onboarding Form.